Down: The Dating Software Using Shame Out-of Obtaining Down

TL;DR: Whether you are searching for a safe spot to day or a personal destination to attach, Down will be the no. 1 application to make to, especially if you’re a female. With 2 million customers and 50 per cent of fits satisfying IRL, getting a date or acquiring down has never been easier or even more enjoyable. 

Gender usually is actually a taboo subject matter, particularly if you’re looking because of it. But online dating can be just as taboo.

Exactly how will you be meant to simply turn out and state all you have to is a hookup without feeling responsible? You are doing it through the Down software.

Or exactly how could you be likely to open yourself up to internet dating in case you are uncomfortable using environment? Once more, you do it through the Down app.

Down is one of safe and confidential way to state what you want (and obtain what you need) – no embarrassment or concern!

How to “Get Down” or “Get Date”

Out of raising aggravation with all the dating industry, Colin Hodge cofounded Down (previously named Bang with Friends) in January 2013 for individuals clearly, and in private, state what theyare looking for without embarrassment.

People, whoever ordinary age brackets between 18 and 35, register through myspace, and Down uses people they know, friends of buddies as well as other contacts to generate matches.

For anything a tad bit more severe, users can pick to “Get Date,” in case they demand something even more everyday, they can pick “Get Down.’”

Keeping with the unknown motif, no matter what a person chooses, anyone on the other conclusion cannot view who they are until additionally they elect to get a night out together or get down.

Unlike most online dating sites, users do not need to fill out a long profile with brilliant stories, and involvement is completely secret unless the members decided on if not.

People also are offered a Bangability score, which Hodge stated is a “key formula” depending on how lots of people have seen them and how lots of people are contemplating meeting for either a romantic date or for obtaining down.

Down, you’ll find on iOS and Android os, also is starting a brand new function known as “regular Picks,” where people get the 10 best matches during the day as opposed to being required to swipe through 100s, if you don’t thousands, of people to get a match.

“it is simply an easy way of swallowing inside app, investing half a minute right after which going on together with your day – make fully sure you get that go out developed when it comes down to week and feel like it isn’t really a formidable process, but it’s something which just fits to your life,” Hodge mentioned.

Maybe not another sketchy hookup app

So what helps to keep Down from being grouped with spammy hookup apps? Trustworthiness.

Down took the thing that was missing out on from the market (a dating internet site that’s not scammy or appearing to be also perfect) and developed a method for people for connecting such that they understand is going for what they want and never wasting their own time.

“we are so used to individuals method of sugar-coating the matchmaking world,” Hodge said. “We wanted to offer individuals a very sincere strategy to interact with each other and make certain we’re not, frankly, bullshitting all of them,” he said.

This sincerity is also shown in Down’s individual base.down3

Relating to Hodge, the company took the personal approach to gaining grip, utilizing recommendations to distribute the news regarding website, which includes led to a far more real product and clientele.

“which is stored the caliber of the web site greater. It is also held the portion of men and women coordinated and happening a date higher,” he mentioned.

Another fun reality: it is mostly women that are looking to get down.

Hodge mentioned 75 percent of women elect to get down versus 65 per cent of men, pointing out safety due to the fact cause.

“Frankly it is a better ecosystem than fulfilling overall complete strangers,” he stated. “We would like to provide women the capability to be the same component within the courting procedure also to have the freedom to choose whatever intent they need.”

a modern-day secret admirer

The response from consumers might extremely grateful. Hodge mentioned folks are excited having a place in which they may be able say what they need clear of wisdom, and Down is actually thrilled to give it to them.

“folks are carrying this out anyhow offline, so we may as well provide them with the technology to do it in an easier way,” he said. “We knew, especially for the younger generation, there ended up being a requirement to bring dating in to the modern-day age and make it a lot easier.”

Hodge motivates customers to anonymously invite buddies they would like to get all the way down with through the website. And you guessed it – anyone you receive don’t understand it’s you until they join.

“we desire visitors to ask their friends in a key method through application, and I believe that elevates every person’s likelihood of success,” the guy stated. “It really is a modern-day key admirer note you are able to deliver towards buddies via text.”

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